Patent Services

Patent Search

$580* *(minimum, plus copy costs)

Patent File Wrappers

$150 (plus photocopy costs)

Pending Application File Inspection and copies

$125/Hour (with power to inspect)

Patent Ownership Searches

Determines all properties issued to or owned by an entity; search includes the patentee, bibliographic and assignment records of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This search is useful for due diligence prior to acquisitions, mergers, etc.

State-of-the-Art Patent Search (For Attorneys Only)

A broad search of patent records to establish the progress of technology in a particular field.
(call for estimate)

Patent Validity Search (For Attorneys Only)

An exhaustive search of patent records, non-patent literature, and patent prosecution histories to help establish if a patent was issued in error or if an examiner overlooked valid prior art.
(call for estimate)

Patent Assignment Searches

$195 (minimum)

Patent Copy


Most searches are completed within two business days. A Rush® service, which renders the verbal report and email within 24 hours, is available for an extra 25% of the base fee. A Super Rush® service yields a 4-hour turnaround for an extra 75% of the base fee.

* Unusual requests which generate an inordinate number of photocopies may be assessed an additional charge of $1.05 per page. There will be an additional charge for trademark files of more than 30 pages and patent files of more than 150 pages. Special handling through use of Federal Express, or overnight Mail may result in additional costs. Domestic facsimile transmissions are charged at $3 per page.

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