TTB Services

Regular Turnaround

$35* (each)

Electronic Submission using COLAS Online


Accelerated Review

$400** (minimum)

Organic Claim Submissions

$150** (minimum)

Formula, Statements of Process, Lab Samples, Label Rejection Appeals


TTB Label Pre-Review


Formula Approvals/Research

Wine, malt beverage & spirit specialty formulas are presented and pursued with appropriate officials.

FDA Label Review

Wine cooler or other labels subject to FDA jurisdiction are presented for review and a written report of compliance rendered.

Lab Sample Presentation

Imported liqueurs and specialty products requiring BATF lab analysis are presented to the lab and pursued until review is completed.

TTB Label Approval Search

Identify similar brand names or research approvals by vendor name.
$165* (minimum)

Other government relations and research services such as securing advertising approvals, U.S. Customs trademark filings and research, U.S. Trademark Office document preparation and filing, U.S. Government procurral and Freedom of Information Act requests are handled on an hourly basis of $125/Hour. Please contact us for specific price quotations. Photocopies are charged at $1 per page domestic facsimiles are charged at $3 per page.

*Plus copy and/or transportation costs. Labels that are rejected and authorized for resubmission incur an additional submission fee.

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